You may be visiting out of curiosity.  But more likely, something troubling has happened.
And now it's clear...things can't go on as before. 
You must act.  Change direction.  Make things work in a way that is right for you!

For example:

You're a wife.  A mother.  And frustrated. You want to be more assertive with your boss.  More intimate with your partner.  More effective with your kids.

You're a husband.  A father.  And scared. You must check your temper to save your marriage.  Curb your outbursts to save your job.

You're busy with your first child.  Lots of feelings have piled up.  You're upset with yourself... stressed by your spouse...and avoidance isn't working!  There must be a better way to ease the friction between you.

You're in mid-life...and stuck. You worry for your family's future, especially for your child and her special needs.  Her care asks so much of you, and too often you feel burdened and alone.  Few really listen.  Fewer understand.  You fear you'll never make peace with your growing concern.

You're an older adult looking back on your life.  You're on your own.  Family is far away.  Friends have gone, and some, sadly...have died.  You refuse to succumb to isolation or regret, but you struggle to stay in the stream of life.

Wherever you are in your life, your wish to shape things more to your liking is healthy.  And when properly nurtured, it is possible.  Yet seeking to move forward---toward who and what matters to you---can be hard.

And even harder to do...alone.

The reason is your 'old story' (your usual behavioral pattern) is now a poor guide.  The change you seek calls for more than a well-meaning friend or family member.  You need a psychotherapist.  An experienced partner in your process of change.

Right now you've taken a step toward finding a reliable  partner---someone whose skill and understanding can help you take more steps toward what matters in your life.

When you're ready to take your next step, contact me.  I think you'll find our free phone consultation worthwhile.  Then, if you like, we'll arrange to talk again.

We'll work together---guided by your individual needs and my professional experience---to sustain the changes already underway and to welcome the changes yet to come.

Michael Altshuler, LCSW, CGP

  (914) 478-7952
  21 Jefferson Avenue Hastings-on-Hudson, NY 10706
  [email protected]

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