COUPLES THERAPY: Make the Relationship You Want



“You may not have the relationship you want.

But you can have the relationship you make.” (Agazarian)


A marriage is woven from invisible threads...threads unseen that tie your relationship together.

But the visible goal of marriage is to make a conscious bond.

A bond rooted in a caring, working partnership.  A partnership that meets the challenges, and welcomes the possibilities, of your shared life. 

Your partnership becomes a rich, ongoing connection when it is built from respect for each other’s dreams, even when your dreams differ.

Becomes solid and strong when it flourishes, despite the storms that life brings.

Becomes generous and compassionate when it withstands the inevitable fights, and successfully repairs what you fight about.

Becomes the basis for a lasting marriage when you not only  think alike, but when you learn to think together.

Perhaps it's time to re-commit to a loving, workable partnership and explore the dynamics of your relationship?  Time to learn new skills and acquire new tools for relating more effectively to each other?

In short, perhaps it’s time to become better partners and make the relationship you want?



Michael Altshuler, LCSW, CGP

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