GROUP THERAPY - Growth in Later Life



"Choosing to grow in adulthood is a gift to oneself." (Anonymous)


"The expiration date on self-knowledge arrives the day we die.

Until then we’re committed to knowing ourselves and

understanding the people we're connected to." (Elliot Zeisel)




This psychotherapy group is for older adults (ages 60 and up) who welcome the chance for personal growth in later life.

It is for men and women who have lively minds and are inspired when they encounter people still curious about what life has to offer.

Members are interested in self-exploration and emotional interaction in order to: 1/ Increase self-knowledge, 2/ Improve their relationships, and 3/ Shape their lives in meaningful and rewarding ways.

Group Guidelines

A good group depends upon each member participating in ways that make the group reliable enough to be safe, safe enough to take risks and risky enough to make the ongoing experience worthwhile.

Here are the group guidelines to help make this happen:

  • Attend regularly and punctually.
  • Observe your experience in the present moment.
  • Share what you notice as it arises.
  • Do what helps the group move forward.
  • Respect the privacy and confidentiality of the group.



The group meets bi-weekly on Wednesdays for 75 minutes (from 6:00 PM to 7:15 PM) on Zoom.

The fee is $95 per person per session.  The fee is a subscription that reserves your place in the group.  If you cannot attend a particular session you are still responsible for payment.

The group is a closed group (not a ‘drop-in’ group).  It requires at least one intake interview prior to joining.

The group is an ongoing group.  In the beginning you are asked to participate in a trial period of four sessions to give yourself and the group the best chance for success.

If you decide to remain with the group after the trial period, you are welcome to stay as long as the group meets your needs and helps you achieve your goals.

When, and if, you decide to leave the group, we ask that you give a minimum notice of the number of members currently in the group.


Michael Altshuler, LCSW, CGP

  (914) 478-7952
  21 Jefferson Avenue Hastings-on-Hudson, NY 10706
  [email protected]

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