Clients Speak


The significance that therapy holds for people varies from person to person and often cannot be put easily into words.

These expressions of appreciation are intended to briefly convey what treatment came to mean (or continues to mean) to individuals that I have worked with (or continue to work with).

They are presented without any identifying information in order to preserve the privacy of the individual.


What clients say:

"I talk, you listen.  And that helps me listen to myself, to find things in myself that I didn't know or see before."


"With you I feel like I 'grow into myself.'  You give me the space to have the feelings I need to become who I am."


“It's like coming to a gym.  We exercise my emotional muscles and the stronger I get the more I'm able to function in the world."


"With you I'm able to e nvision worlds about to be---worlds that I simply could not see.”


Working with you “helps me connect my emotional brain to my rational brain so that my whole brain is functioning in an integrated way.”


Therapy with you “provides a setting where I can safely share my craziness and laugh.  And when someone asks me why I go to therapy, my answer is: “To share my craziness and come out smiling.”


“You keep me on track…by inspiring, by teaching, by helping me stretch.”


“You keep my goals in mind and help me achieve them.”


“You listen for solutions, not problems.”


“You help me name and know what I think and feel without being ruled by what I think and feel.”


“I’m better able to hear my decisions and not act on the bad ones.”


“Working with you is like having a ‘bespoke’ therapist…someone who makes to order exactly what I need, when I need it.”


"Thank you so much on all accounts, Michael.  I am really sad to say goodbye, and sad that our supervision will be ending.  Thank you for everything---the encouragement, skill building, support, and everything else.  Our sessions were so meaningful to me."


"Michael, thank you so much!!  You helped me tremendously.  Your confident, clear summation clarified my own thinking and confidence.  I felt much calmer and stronger, and in the end the meeting went very well.  You're so talented."


"I just want you to know that it's great to see the way the client we're sharing is making progress with you."


"It's been really great for me to partner with you on this endeavor.   You've been a perfect supporter: advising and encouraging.  We are a well-oiled team."


"Thanks for the good wishes for my daughter.  Your love and concern for her have meant more to me than you can know.  And your speaking the truth to me when we met helped me find the strength and determination to do everything I can beyond all we've already done."


"Therapy with you has really helped my son.  He was home from school for the weekend and he is doing great.  He loves it.  And he really likes the people he has met in the area.  We are beyond thrilled.”

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